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The greatest invention in golf since the graphite shaft, the GolfBoard is forever changing the way golfers experience the game. Powered by an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery, the GolfBoard is an easy-to-ride fully electric vehicle that adds a whole new level of fun and excitement. Golfers of all ages can now “Surf the Earth” from shot-to-shot. We call it “GolfBoarding.”

GolfBoarding changes the golfing experience, without changing the spirit and traditions of the game. With over 300 courses now offering GolfBoard rentals, and hundreds of thousands of GolfBoarding rounds played, the GolfBoard has a proven ability to attract new players and energize the sport.

Why choose Golfboard?

Attract New Players – GolfBoard appeals to the younger action sports crowd looking for adventure, excitement, and fun.

Increase Frequency Of Play – The avid player is GolfBoard’s biggest fan. With a GolfBoard you can complete a round in half the time.

Differentiate Your Course – GolfBoarding is an entirely new sport that most every golfer is eager to try. A rental fleet of GolfBoards provides an unique new offering.

Guest & Media Buzz – Nothing generates more media attention and positive word of mouth than a new GolfBoard program.

Increase Rounds Played – GolfBoard has proven time and time again to put courses back on track for strong growth.

Generate More Revenue – A unique new way to enjoy the game, one of the greatest benefits is to a course’s bottom line.

Surfea los campos de golf con Golfboard Iberia: presentes en España y Portugal
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Intuitive Controls – The GolfBoard is primarily controlled using an ergonomically designed one-touch thumb throttle which allows the user to smoothly accelerate and decelerate.

Automatic Braking – Ease of use and safety is optimized by an on-board computer that monitors speed and controls braking.   The rider simply releases the thumb throttle, and the board immediately decelerates and comes to a complete stop.

4 Wheel Drive Posi-Traction System – The GolfBoard is driven by front and back gear boxes providing power to all four wheels. This proprietary 4 wheel Posi-Traction feature provides solid climbing ability even on the steepest hills while simultaneously reducing turf wear.

Industrial Strength Motors & Enclosed Drivetrain – The GolfBoard uses the highest quality industrial grade electric motors and fully enclosed drivetrain to ensure reliability and low maintenance.

4″ By 11″ Turf Tires – The GolfBoard utilizes tires specifically made for golf course use. Produced by the world’s leading manufacturer of turf equipment tires, GolfBoard’s gentle-on-the-turf 4″ by 11″ tires provide maximum traction while minimizing turf wear.